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The MyAirShield™ Agent

MyAirShield Pearls© are made up of a mixture of solid components. By the passage of ambient air through them they naturally interact with other components in the air, like the CO2 and humidity, causing the  generation of the MyAirShield agent. Its lattice structure allows for the slow release of the agent into the surrounding atmosphere.

The unique antimicrobial properties of the MyAirShield agent were tested on different microorganisms including, bacteria, fungus and viruses.

Due to its small size, the agent is able to penetrate into micro-organisms and to react with pathogens structure, causing them to break down.   Human cells are much larger than micro-organisms such as viruses and bacteria which makes them resistant to the MyAirShield agent in its intended use, hence human cells do not get damaged.

Upon absorption of the MyAirShield agent the human cells have the   advantage of being able to break down its structure into ions which the body uses for everyday physiological processes in turn preventing its accumulation inside of the cell and thus avoiding damage.

The product is produced in compliance with ISO9001 and ISO14001.

Toxic to microbial pathogens. Beneficial to Humans!


MyAirShield pearls are non toxic to humans. This is because our patented and extensively tested pearls release a very small amount of vapor. Enough to eliminate harmful microbes but far too little to impact human cells (20 times less than the FDA, EPA, CDC, and WHO determined as safe), and because its naturally converted to ions that our bodies will use in daily functions it will not build up in the body even after everyday use.  


New Technology - Real Protection!

Extensive testing proves that MyAirShield is highly effective against a large variety of airborne pathogens, including Corona Virus variants and other viruses, and bacteria, fungus, mold and spores. Testing has also proven that My Air Shield is completely nontoxic to humans. 


The bottom line is that it works to sanitize the air and it is safe. The greatest benefit of this product is the day-to-day peace of mind it offers.  

What Is Chlorine Dioxide?


Chlorine Dioxide is one of the worlds best known disinfectants. It's been in use for 80+ years in most developed counties including the USA. CLO2 is currently used to treat the water you drink, the produce you consume, mouth washes, toothpastes, deodorants, and more. 

From Pandemic, to Influenza, to the Common Cold


MyAirShield™patented Technology protects you from everyday pathogens, such as: Influenza, Covid-19, Staphylococcus, Noroviruses, Yeasts, Pollens, and Allergens. 

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