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MYAIRSHIELD™ USA CEO talks with NFL Legend Brian Holloway
September 10, 2021

Quick update for my MyAirShield Family.  It’s been a crazy couple weeks preparing to launch our amazing product and today I got a pleasant surprise. My team messaged me and told me I had to attend a call with NFL legend Brian Holloway. I was excited to do so given his storied career both in the NFL and what he’s done and accomplished in the private sector since. I said to my team, is this actually Brian Holloway, or is this going to be Brian’s son or agent? When I logged into the conference I was happy to see it was actually Brain Holloway relaxing in the living room of his Tampa FL. home.

We spent about 15-20 minutes on introductions and he asked us about our hearts and our visions.  What was driving and fueling us on our way, and whether or not we were a mission driven company fueled by an intention to create a positive outcome in the world. He didn’t even blink an eye when Arlene, our COO referred to him as the “greatest defensive running back of his era.”  LOL. Then he asked the question.  Why is this product not already all over the world?!?

Now it was Brian's turn to introduce himself.  What we heard was not a famous celebrity sports personality looking for an endorsement deal.  We heard a man, a father, a servant-leader that wanted to know us. He talked about the community of innovators that are working hard to bring solutions forward and he acknowledged us for being among these innovators fighting to create breakthroughs that can protect us, our families, and our heroic first responders. All that seemed to matter to Brian was that we at MyAirShield, lead not only with our business goals, but also with our hearts and our souls. It was humbling. Then after 30 minutes of engaging conversation he said,  “We’ve all been through so much in the last 18 months, and we are far from being out of harm’s way.   We all must come together, everyone must come together, to help,  to lift up,  to encourage,  to support.   This is what we all must do.  It’s much too serious for despair.  I can help.  I will help.   I’m in.   It’s GO time.”

At this point I joked “you know we’ve been looking for a product spokesperson that believes in the product and has as much passion as we do,” and his response was... LET’S DO THIS!!!  

Stay tuned for more on this new friendship and exciting collaboration.


Posted by Chris Nagle, MyAirShield President & CEO

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