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Instructions For Use

The MyAirShield Badge is an advanced device that aids in sanitizing the air around you by spreading an atmospheric shield of the MyAirShield disinfectant, one of the best agents against microbial life.   Each pouch contains our patented encapsulated Pearls designed to slowly release a controlled, low  concentration of the disinfectant for 90 days.

Open the first layer of packaging. The second package contained within it is the wearable MyAirShield™ badge, which contains encapsulated pearls. Do not damage, tear, or open the card. Attach the card to your clothes, bag, or around your neck, or in any area where you would prefer a cleaner and disinfected breathing space, making sure that the aeration holes face away from the surface that it is attached to, to ensure maximum air flow and efficacy.

Once the sealed package is opened, the release of the agent will start immediately - the batch is         activated immediately. After 90 days, discard the card in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

The MyAirShield disinfectant has been proven as an effective: disinfectant, sanitizer, virucide,             fungicide, algaecide, slimicide, and deodorizer of spores among other things. It has a wide range of     applications and has been used for many years in various industries.

SUGGESTED USE: In closed spaces, homes, hospitals, nursing homes, offices, classrooms, conferences, arenas, cinemas, cafes and restaurants, libraries, shopping, and while traveling on cruise liners, trains, planes, cars, buses, metros, etc.

Nursing Home
Hospitals & Nursing Homes
At a concert
Dining Out
Shopping Mall
Grocery Shopping
Traveling by Air
Riding a train or bus
Transportation Terminals
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