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MyAirShield™ USA's CEO phone call with NFL Legend Brian Holloway

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Meet Maxwell as he  shares his MyAirShield™ Badge story

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How the MyAirShield™ Badge helped Dan's allergies

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MyAirShield™  Getting back to normal life
In Your Workplace

As more people are returning in-person to their workplace and schools, the MyAirShield™ Badge is your personal air purifier in elevators, conference rooms, office buildings, schools and hospitals. 

Out with Friends

Protect your breathing space in crowded situations with the MyAirShield™ Badge and enjoy dining out with friends at your favorite cafes and restaurants.

No more at-home haircuts

MyAirShield™ is an advanced disinfectant device, that helps clean the air and surfaces around you. Safeguard your space as you visit your barber, hair and nail salons, and spa.

Grocery Shopping

MyAirShield™ spreads an atmospheric shield of low concentrated Chlorine Dioxide, one of the best agents against microbial life. Have peace of mind when out shopping, or traveling by bus, train or plane. 

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