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What people are saying about MyAirShield
  • "MyAirShield has given my family and I peace of mind during the Delta wave. We were very apprehensive about in-person school."  ~ A.S. (parent of child in WV school)

  • "Since MyAirShield's being put in the classrooms, none of the 2nd grade classes have had any cases."  ~ K.L. (teacher in WV school)

  • "My son and I call this his coronavirus force field. He wears it any time we are out in public."  ~ P.T. (parent of child in WV school)

  • "It's great knowing we have one more layer of protection in our classroom. My students and I feel much more relaxed."  ~ C.D. (teacher in WV school)

  • "My husband is an immunocompromised teacher in a population that is unable to be vaccinated and it has been hard, worrying if there is a day that I might bring it home. After seeing MyAirShield in action, I don't have that worry."  ~ B.C. (teacher in WV school)

  • "The calls from the school announcing the new active cases was panic inducing. Since MyAirShield the stress of those calls has faded away."  ~ M.F. (parent of child in WV school)

  • "My son has a hard time keeping his mask on properly, every day he was at school seems like a crap shoot if he would wear it right or not. Now that he has MyAirShield as a back up, we feel much better."  ~  S.W. (parent of child in WV school)

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